Experience to bounce off when you need it.

Have conversations that help you move through challenges, find new approaches to problems or validate ideas with people who have been where you are now. 
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Access the knowledge you need, from an unlocked network of experts.


Solve problems faster

Managers don’t always have all the answers. Quickly get a trusted perspective from another industry pro, with 1:1 advice for on-the-job challenges.
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Tech Companies

Grow your people

Support L&D programmes that actually align with the way today’s generation of employees want to learn, work and grow.
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Industry Experts

Become a Bounsa

Support and mentor others within the tech community - and get paid for the time, knowledge and experience you contribute.
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Browse. Book. Bounse.

We’ve connected, so you don’t have to be. Tap into the calendars - and the minds - of trusted product, marketing, design or sales professionals who have been there, done that and worn the branded t-shirts of some of tech’s top companies. 
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A problem bounsed is a problem solved.

Troubleshoot. Riff. Brainstorm. High five. Have purposeful conversations that create space for clarity, breakthroughs and decisive action (the kind of outcomes that move you forward - and make you look good).
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Professional development, minus the paperwork.

Courses and conferences have their place, but what most of us need is someone we can swivel our chair towards to chat through an immediate challenge. This is learning and development spend that actually gets put to use where (and when) it can make a difference.

Drive your own development

Seek and refine the knowledge and skills that will add weight to your own on-the-job talents.

Reach out when it's relevant

Talk through real-time roadblocks with an available Bounsa when you need to make moves with pace.

Bounse with the best fit

This isn’t a swipe-right situation; you don’t have to match and lock-in long-term. Bounse with anyone who has the specific skills to get you unstuck.

Feel good about asking for help

Have can-I-pick-your-brain conversations while recognising what someone’s input is worth.

What our customers are saying

"As a fast growing tech company with a small team, we found Bounsa right when we needed it. Over the course of the last 3 months, our team has bounced everything from growth hacking, to sales strategy with a range of experts in the NZ/Aus market. We are already seeing positive results from implementing ideas we discussed."

Rebecka Finn

Head of Growth at stockinstore®

How does it work?


Sign up (or ask your boss to get the business on-board). Your 3-month subscription gets you 3 hours worth of sessions.


You’ll have access to a directory of tech mentors. Pick a person who has the skills to help you, check their calendar availability and book in your bounse session.


This is your chance to talk through ideas or roadblocks with your selected Bounsa via a scheduled video call. We ensure they get paid for the time they spend helping you.


Write a short review about your experience, so that others can see what kind of support they can expect from the Bounsa you spoke with.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

    What skills are on the platform?

    Our Bounsa's currently have skills in product, marketing, design and sales in the tech sector. We are always reviewing what skills are most in demand so if you would like to see something on Bounsa let us know.

    Is bounsing the same as mentoring?

    Bounsing is a form of micro-mentoring where you can bounse off experts in the moment. There is no long term commitment to one person, however if you bounse with someone you like, you can always book them again.

    How do I get started?

    We are currently in Beta so it's not a free for all, so register your interest below and we will get in touch.

    I'm interested in becoming a Bounsa!

    We are always looking for talented expertise from the tech sector to join the platform. Get in touch at info@bounsa.com and we will give you a bell.

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