Bounsa is the online professional development marketplace where anybody can bounse challenges and ideas off tech experts.

Why learn the hard way?

We’ve made it easier for people to ask for help, for tech organisations to grow their people with the help of other bright minds, and for experts to earn with their input.
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Our Mission

We’re here to empower the growth of business through people.

Somewhere, there’s a person already on the other side of a challenge you’re facing right now. Bounsa unlocks a network where you can easily connect with that knowledge, in a way that recognises the time and value of another’s skills. Bounsing is about having intentional conversations that enable ideas, breakthroughs and action-taking - and ultimately, accelerate the growth of every individual, and every business.
Our Story

Bounsa is the on-demand network we needed.

By its nature, working with technology is fast-paced and fast-changing. Coming up against unknowns and cutting new courses is a reality for all roles.

But there were times when we needed to move through those problems with more speed, clarity or certainty, and didn’t have the leadership or advice to turn to when we needed it. A sounding board, a brainstorm buddy, someone to spark a new perspective. As team leaders, we also struggled to find solutions to put otherwise un-used L&D budget towards that actually helped our people learn in a way that worked for them. We could see they needed timely, authentic and specific advice that wasn’t always available to them in-house.

Everyone’s time is important. We created Bounsa to not only make it easier for professionals, like us, to ask for high-value help, but for those who have been there before us to turn their experience into an additional earner that also helps others grow.


Sophie Stanley

Farm girl turned seasoned start-up tech leader, Sophie is constantly curious and knows she doesn't have all the answers.

Rachel Smith

Essex-born with a background in some of the worlds biggest corporates, Rach loves a plan and is customer obsessed.

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